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Fellow Products, Design lovers who make great coffee equipment

Our design team wanted to celebrate the cherished kitchen ritual of brewing coffee by designing the ultimate coffee-lover’s kitchen. And we knew we had to work with the Fellow team to make it happen.

Michael Quinn

December 3, 2020

kitchen design

Our design team wanted to celebrate the cherished kitchen ritual of brewing coffee by designing the ultimate coffee-lover’s kitchen. And we knew we had to work with the Fellow team to make it happen.

Fellow started out seven years ago with a Kickstarter campaign and a clear and simple mission: bring the craft and care of specialty coffee to home brewing. 

Now, Fellow has become one of the most respected voices in the scene. They’ve won multiple design awards for their stunning brew equipment, they’ve graced the pages of GQ and The New York Times, and they’ve partnered with some of the most respected craft brands, like Blue Bottle.

We also wanted to work with Fellow because we share a design ethos: create things that are beautifully functional. Yes, things should be aesthetically pleasing, but there should be a purpose and reason behind it all. It’s exactly how we approach kitchen design.

Check out our design collaboration and interview with Fellow below, and discover what makes their equipment so special.

kitchen design

Stagg EKG - The electric pour-over kettle for coffee lovers

The pour-over dripper - Double walled pour-over dripper

The tasting glasses - Double walled cups designed for enjoying coffee

Atmos - Vacuum canister

Ode - Electric brew grinder

What does the craft of coffee mean to the Fellow team?

Our love of coffee is very much like our love of design, we care so deeply about the details, like really care. And ultimately, we have a deep desire to make mornings better and to give people a better cup of coffee. We also want you to be excited and proud of the products on your countertop. So it’s about delightful coffee and delightful brewing products.

kitchen design

Why does Fellow love pour-over coffee so much? 

There’s something magical about the ritual of pour-over, you have to be present and focused on the manual brewing process. And it requires care, from the pouring at the right cadence to measuring out the right coffee-to-water ratio to getting the precise temperature. And it yields a great cup of coffee.

kitchen design

What’s your advice to the coffee novice looking to get more into the coffee world? 

First. Explore, explore, explore. Try different roasters and beans. It will open up your world and how you think about coffee. It will not just be light roast vs. dark roast. You’ll develop a much more nuanced sense of taste. 

As for more tactical, everyday advice. Store your coffee properly. Get a burr grinder, instead of a blade grinder. Really care about temperature when brewing. And nail the coffee-to-water ratio -- 16 parts water, per 1 parter coffee.

kitchen design

Fellow and FORM share a love of creativity, what does creativity mean to Fellow? 

To us, creativity is about how we’re connecting with our users and our audience. We think about: how do we make coffee more approachable and how do we make it more fun and how do we get people feeling inspired, even in small moments?. We want to engineer delight where we can; we even have a hidden video game in our electric kettle called Wormy. I guess, in short, it’s about making things more delightful.

kitchen design

Visit their site to learn more about their coffee equipment.

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

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