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FORM vs. IKEA Kitchens - Which option is better in 2023?

We created FORM Kitchens as a newer alternative to the challenges that come with IKEA. With a strong commitment to personalization, FORM provides kitchens with custom cabinets that are tailored to individual needs and preferences. Find out why we are a better choice for your kitchen renovation.

Gabriela Alvarado

August 4, 2023

FORM vs. IKEA Kitchens - Which option is better in 2023? intro

In a world where modern aesthetics have an ever-increasing influence on home décor, finding a kitchen with that contemporary style can be challenging. This is especially true across the United States, where local kitchen showrooms often showcase more conventional, shaker-style looks. But the demand for something more innovative is unmistakable. Recent studies reveal that modern European-style kitchens have surged in popularity, witnessing a growth rate of over 30% in the past five years within the US market. The sleek lines and minimalist approach have become a favored choice for many homeowners who are planning a kitchen remodel.


What to consider before buying a kitchen

This growing trend has led many consumers to turn to the widely known IKEA. IKEA definitely offers a very attractive price point for cabinets – and what looks like a trendy, modern product. But there’s more that sits behind that initial number you see. You have to consider many factors when purchasing a kitchen, like durability, sustainability, design optionality, ready-to-assemble versus pre-assembled delivery, and the availability of design services. These all impact the overall design, functionality, and value of your new kitchen.


When you dig deeper, customers who have bought IKEA kitchen cabinets have frequently voiced three main concerns with the system: the complexity and frustration of the self-assembly process of the Ikea cabinetry and kitchen installation, a lack of durability in the materials, and a one-size-fits-all design approach that limits personalization.


A modern alternative for your kitchen renovation

We created FORM Kitchens as a way to solve for the challenges that come with IKEA cabinets. With a strong commitment to personalization, FORM provides kitchens with custom cabinets that are tailored to individual needs and preferences. FORM’s focus on lasting quality ensures that the investment in your kitchen is both beautiful and enduring.

Furthermore, FORM offers online expert design services, catering to those who seek professional guidance in crafting the kitchen of their dreams. It is not just about buying a kitchen; it's about creating a space that fits your lifestyle and stands the test of time. In comparison to IKEA, FORM Kitchens represents a synthesis of innovation, quality, and personal touch, redefining what modern kitchens can and should be in the contemporary American home.

We are certainly more expensive than IKEA, but when you consider the easier installation, the free professional designer service, and the quality of the German-made cabinets, the value you get on the other end far exceeds the slightly higher price tag. 

We detail the differences between FORM and IKEA below, so you can make an informed decision.


Experience lasting quality with FORM Kitchens

With a major investment like a kitchen, you want to buy once and buy well. At FORM, we offer a 25 year warranty on all of our cabinetry (that’s more than twice as long as IKEA’s warranty). In fact, in Germany, where these cabinets are made, homeowners take their cabinets with them when they move to a new home. 

Our manufacturing partner is Nobilia, Germany's leading kitchen manufacturer and cabinet makers, to ensure each kitchen is built to last. Never compromise on quality again. Backed by quality materials and superior craftsmanship, our kitchens withstand the test of time. Nobilia also has a great commitment to sustainability, and their kitchen cabinets are made from renewable and recycled materials using energy-conserving build systems.

Some options might seem cheaper at the moment, but you should consider the materials cabinets are made of not only in terms of the core material the cabinet doors are made of but also the handles, hinges, and other accessories. Choosing a cheaper option often leads to facing issues with longevity and performance over time.


Bring your dream kitchen to life with Form Kitchens

Kitchen design isn’t just about putting cabinets in a room; you really have to consider the flow and functionality of a space to design and build a kitchen that will serve how you want to live for years to come. 

IKEA’s planner is a great way to get some very basic layouts in place, but they can’t really take the time to understand what’s important to you and deliver a space that is bespoke and purpose-built for you. That’s why we have a team of professional kitchen designers who work with you 1-on-1 during the design process to really consider all the elements of your space, and design a kitchen around your lifestyle. 

They conduct hour-long meetings and listen to all the things that are important to you. And our designers have a combined 100+ years of experience and are truly some of the best modern designers in the country. That means a space that is really bespoke to you. Custom kitchens are our specialty!


Hassle-free installation process with FORM Kitchens

One of the key drawbacks of IKEA kitchen cabinets is the need for self-assembly of the cabinetry. They come flat–packed in a bunch of pieces. This can be time-consuming and require expertise that not all homeowners possess, and it adds an extra step to installing the cabinets in your space. It also introduces more opportunities for error. 

At FORM, we save you from the assembly process. Our cabinets arrive pre-assembled and ready to install, saving you time and effort while ensuring top-notch quality. And, if you don’t want to install the kitchen by yourself, we have a network of professional installers across the country, as well as a partnership with BuildZoom. 

Another benefit of pre-assembled cabinetry is quality control. Since everything is assembled at the factory level, our manufacturing partner can ensure everything is assembled properly – without leaving anything to chance. 


See and feel your dream kitchen with FORM Kitchens, before you buy

Envisioning the finished product can be challenging, and many homeowners find themselves surprised or disappointed with the final result. At FORM, we help you envision and feel confident in your kitchen design through photorealistic visuals and full-sized samples delivered to your home, allowing you to see and touch your kitchen before it becomes a reality. It’s kind of like our home try-on moment. 

Our photorealistic renders are built from smartphone photos of your space, so you will get to envision exactly what your new kitchen will look like in your home before you hit buy. One of our clients recently called our renders a “game-changer.” And the samples are true-to-size, not just little blocks, so you can see the color and feel the quality.


Look for guarantees that support you

Buying a new kitchen is a big purchase; you want to make sure your provider has your back as an online business that has the top rating from the BBB and awards from Good Housekeeping and Domino. We’ve built our business on trust. And a big part of that is our industry-leading guarantees. 

The first is our guaranteed delivery date. Once the kitchen is in production, we give you a factory-quoted date. For every day we’re late, we refund 1% of the project. Next is our perfect-fit guarantee. We double-check all measurements before production, but if, for some reason, a cabinet doesn’t fit, we re-manufacture it for you. 

And lastly is our quality guarantee. We stand behind our product with a 25-year manufacturing warranty, which covers all normal wear and tear.


Enjoy A+ quality customer service with FORM kitchens

Finally, the level of customer support can significantly influence your remodeling experience. With IKEA’s self-service model, homeowners often find themselves navigating through the process alone. At FORM, our team is your team. From initial consultation to final installation, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless journey to your dream kitchen.

FORM Kitchens offers an entirely different level of quality, service, and value. For those seeking a kitchen that brings together top-grade materials, expert design, comprehensive guarantees, and exceptional customer service, there's no better choice than FORM. Experience the FORM difference today and elevate your kitchen remodel to new heights.

We have built a reputation as a customer-centric company with an A+ rating, the highest rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’ve also been recognized by Good Housekeeping as best in class for “Semi-Custom Cabinetry,” and Domino agreed. Start your FORM journey with a free design consultation


"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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