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High quality German kitchens - Expertly engineered for long-term performance

We at Form are extremely proud of the quality of our German-made kitchens. A far cry from the flatpack cabinets that dominate the US market, ours are precision engineered in Europe’s leading kitchen manufacturer’s state-of-the-art factory.

FORM Design Team

May 8, 2020

kitchen design

We at Form are extremely proud of the quality of our German-made kitchens. A far cry from the flatpack cabinets that dominate the US market, ours are precision engineered in Europe’s leading kitchen manufacturer’s state-of-the-art factory.

Our kitchens seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, bringing you design that is sophisticated both in terms of look and performance. With an abundance of personalization options, and an easy-to-follow process where you are fully supported, we can help you create your dream kitchen.

They say, the devil is in the detail. The materials and parts of our kitchens are carefully selected to perform at their best for years to come, giving you full peace of mind.

German kitchens are not well understood in the US market. Here, we tell you the full story. The truth is, you won’t look back.

Quality above all else

Form kitchens are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, by Europe’s leading kitchen manufacturer. You may be aware of the reputation of German cars: consistently reliable and of superior quality. Well, it is the same with kitchens. 

The world over, German kitchens are known as the gold standard of kitchen manufacturing and design. They are truly built to last: so much so, that people in Germany often take their kitchen with them when moving house.

Advanced manufacturing facility and processes

Form kitchens are made in a manufacturing facility that is lightyears ahead of most kitchen workshops. It is a huge well-run factory, where every step of the process is highly automated and closely monitored. Every single component of a kitchen – be it a cabinet, front or a drawer – is required to meet stringent quality standards. The level of consistency of the end product is remarkable. 

Some of the endurance tests that the kitchen elements are subjected to at the factory are mind-blowing. 15 years of daily kitchen use can be simulated in fast motion under realistic conditions: opening and closing of doors, extreme load bearing capacity, drawer load changes, and more.

Advanced surface tests check the materials’ ability to withstand scratching; as well as water, steam and UV ray resistance, among other possible stressors. As a result, the kitchens will easily withstand years of daily family use, and more.

German kitchens are made using the most appropriate materials

Traditionally, American kitchens are made of plywood. Meanwhile, Form’s German kitchens are made of furniture board. This is a high-grade particle board, known in Europe as the most reliable and practical kitchen construction material. 

Particle board does not have the best reputation on this side of the pond, based on experiences with its early version from the 1960-70s. Like most things in manufacturing, and the world more broadly, particle board has come a long way in the last half century. Do you remember what telephones looked like back then? TVs? Cars? Fashion? It is fair to say that things have moved on.

An abundance of choice is now available across all product categories, engineered woods included. There are different plywood manufacturers producing different types and grades of plywood. Exactly the same applies to particle board: it is not a single product.

The old low-density version is not what our kitchens are made of. Our furniture board is a high-density premium grade product, exceptionally strong and durable. A consistent and stable material, it is perfect for use in kitchen cabinets. It won’t move when atmospheric conditions change, or under load pressure, and holds a screw better than plywood.

What you get is the advantages of a plywood construction, and in some cases more, but at an accessible price point. We are passionate about making good design available to more people, and working with precision engineered German particle board kitchens allows us to do just that.

Low-impact kitchens, for your and the planet’s sake

The reliability of German kitchens does not only shine through in their quality. They are also reliable in terms of their impact: reliably low-impact. We are talking about environmental responsibility, as well as indoor air quality and the health of the end users. In this respect, our responsibility is to only bring you the best.   

Our kitchen manufacturer has set incredible standards when it comes to environmental performance. Their sense of responsibility, and the actions that embody it, make us proud to partner with them. The wood products that are used come from sustainably managed and controlled sources, and the kitchens hold globally recognized quality certifications.

The materials used in Form kitchens are tested for indoor emissions, to ensure that the safety and health of the homeowners is not compromised. The kitchens have been awarded the highest rating in the stringent German indoor emission certification system, giving homeowners the peace of mind they deserve.

Aesthetics meets functionality 

European kitchen design is often associated with Ikea flatpacks, but there is much more to it. In many ways, German kitchens stand for the exact opposite: sophisticated design with abundant personalization options, expertly engineered. With German kitchens, you really get the best of both worlds: precision engineering on the one hand, and a classy design aesthetic on the other.

A kitchen that is just right for you

Our range offers more possibilities than you can imagine. With all the options, rest assured that you will be able to create a kitchen that is truly ‘you’, and not a compromise that you had to settle on. 

Translating your wants and needs into a kitchen design is what makes our designers tick. Prepare to be asked lots of questions: Who cooks here? When? How? Etc. Rather than being nosey, they want to know as much as possible about your lifestyle, so as to really nail the brief.

Crucially, you will have peace of mind that you made the right decisions, because our Real Form renders allow you to see your new kitchen in your space before you commit. Our 3D images truly set us apart from the rest – every client we have worked with has been amazed by just how realistic these are.    

German design ethos is not just about how something looks. It is about the interaction of aesthetics and functionality, on a deeper level. For instance, it is possible to choose from a range of cabinet heights and depths (both on base and wall units). This gives you improved ergonomic performance, but without compromising on the look. For every request and situation, even the more unusual ones, we have a solution.

Ease of installation

Your installer will love working with our kitchens, because they really are a dream to put together. Delivered fully assembled not flatpack, and tested before leaving the factory, we make the installer’s job straight-forward. Adjustments are easy to make, while drawer fronts and doors snap on with minimal effort.

The kitchen’s thoughtful engineering anticipates the installer’s requirements, letting them get on with the job smoothly and get your kitchen up and running faster. With a quality product, you will save time and money in installation. The Germans are known to think of every single detail: the reputation is there for a reason, it’s because they really do.

A kitchen that is built to last

A Form kitchen will serve you tirelessly; not just in the near term, but also in the long term. A point that is frequently raised regarding particle board kitchens is their water resilience. Some people believe that a particle board kitchen construction is more problematic in a flood situation, or that even a little bit of water can cause it irreparable damage.  

The truth is that any kitchen can get damaged in a flood, or by water in other situations. However, our kitchens are designed in a way that mitigates the risks, so you won’t have to worry. Melamine coatings are mechanically applied and finished, then tested in contact with water. Shelves and panels are sealed all around, preventing water from reaching the particle board core and damaging it.

Practical adjustable plinth legs, a water-resistant sink base, and steam protection plates are just some of the clever water and moisture damage solutions that come as standard with Form kitchens. Melamine surfaces are easy to keep clean and looking fresh, by simply regularly wiping down.

Details that make the difference

The attention to detail in German kitchens is second to none. With furniture that receives as much use as kitchen cabinets do, the mechanical parts need to be reliable. And they are, in Form kitchens, because they are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers of parts in the world. Equally, every little bit of space is considered, with solutions allowing you to make the most of your kitchen.

Spending money where it counts: the details

Concealed inside a cabinet, the mechanical parts of a kitchen are easy to dismiss as unsexy and unimportant. Sure, they may be less exciting to talk about than door styles and worktops. But, consider this: it is the small parts that fail first. This in turn undermines the entirety of the product. The product being the kitchen, or one of the most expensive purchases that you will ever make.

By only using parts such as hinges and drawer runners from industry leaders, our kitchens are guaranteed to outlast competitor products that skimp on the details. Don’t just take our word for how good our parts are: they have actually won awards.   

Other details that make a difference in Form kitchens are hardwood dowels, pre-glued joints and steel reinforcement of the cabinets. Being discreet, you probably won’t even notice that these features are there. But you certainly would if they weren’t, because eventually your cabinets would lose their strength and stability.

The secret to making the most of your space

Often, customers come to us asking to help them make the most of their limited space. With all the clever solutions in our range, we can help you pack utility into every inch of your kitchen. 

For example, high quality slider technology is used extensively. Plinth drawers, a sturdy pull-out table, and extra capacity drawers are some of our solutions that will work wonders, even in the smallest of kitchens. There are various narrow pull-outs for tight spaces, and the option to integrate waste containers, towel rails and more into these.

Upward opening wall unit doors make all their contents easily accessible, without having to worry about the doors swinging wide open. One of our options is innovative handleless doors (they work well and look great), meaning no more protruding handles to negotiate.

Drawers: versatile and practical

Prepare for an imminent upgrade, if your current kitchen has hinged cabinet doors rather than drawers. While hinged doors are available, it is the drawers that are the star of the show with German kitchens. They come in a range of sizes – both widths and heights – and are even available for tall pantry units, or with further inner drawers inside the main ones.

With a generous load capacity, our drawers are highly usable and versatile. Various accessories that are available for them, such as drawer organizers, will help you keep your kitchen storage in check. Gone are the days of losing serving ware and tin cans at the back of your cabinets. Fully opening drawers are practical and accessible, and will help you make the most of your kitchen.

If you appreciate high quality functional design and engineering, then you will love our kitchens. Made in a highly automated and advanced German factory, we have full confidence in our product. The quality of the construction is second to none, with only the best and most suitable materials and parts being used throughout.

Expertly designed and manufactured, this is a kitchen that you can trust to serve you and your family in the long term: it is all about performance. There is plenty of scope for personalization, and the overall look and feel of the range is sophisticated and stylish. You will love using it, thanks to all its great features, and be proud to show it off too!

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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