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The hardest part of a kitchen renovation is getting started

When trying to get fit, the hardest part has got to be getting started. A kitchen renovation is no different. This too can be a journey that you need to motivate yourself to get on.

FORM Design Team

May 29, 2020

kitchen design

When trying to get fit, the hardest part has got to be getting started. A kitchen renovation is no different. This too can be a journey that you need to motivate yourself to get on.

On the one hand, you know that you and your family need a new kitchen yesterday. On the other hand, you feel completely overwhelmed by the prospect of endless showroom visits and inconclusive research. And that's before you even get to the genuinely hard part, i.e. project managing and overseeing the works.

It is tempting to forget it all or mentally check out and just go with the easy option. This may involve paying someone top dollar to design and manage it all from start to finish, or just going for a big box store where frankly, you get what you pay for. No, neither are ideal!

We're here to prove a few things. For one, we want you to know that a kitchen renovation is NOT always a logistical nightmare. We also want you to know that you can dare to dream, and do not need to compromise on your kitchen design. Finally, we advise that you take some time to plan things out early on, and you'll be on the right track.

NOT a logistical nightmare

The impression of a kitchen renovation being all-round logistically difficult does not entirely miss the mark: it can be. But it doesn't have to be. It's for this reason that we created FORM: to give homeowners a more pleasant kitchen renovation experience.

The outcome of a kitchen renovation feels so distant, preventing many people from fully committing and investing themselves in the process. You may also feel demotivated because of the horror stories you've heard from others who’ve been there before. A confusing design process? Inconsistent pricing? Contractors who are out to get you?

We agree, it's all a shambles. It's in this that we saw an opportunity to bring you something better. So how do we help you tackle the seemingly unmanageable kitchen renovation task?

You can read all about the unique FORM kitchen renovation process here. In short, we've developed some great tech tools to help you get through it. The intuitive and easy-to-use FORM app helps you stay organized throughout your kitchen renovation. Meanwhile our life-like proprietary Realform™ renders take the guesswork out of the equation, allowing you to see your new kitchen before you buy.

But we don't take the human element out of it. Instead, we offer you the support of experienced designers from the comfort of your own home by connecting you remotely. Not only do our designers know their stuff, but they are specifically trained to design around your lifestyle. Together, you work towards a design that reflects your needs and wants, while following the rules and principles of kitchen design.

Admittedly, design is the fun part. It's often less fun thinking about your budget and finding contractors to carry out your kitchen renovation. Again, we have you covered. We have a handy budget estimator tool on the website that allows you to get a good sense for the cost of your kitchen cabinets early on. As for finding the right contractor, we can help by matching you to a vetted local one.

Dare to dream

Do you have a vision for your new kitchen? By all means let our designer in on it during the onboarding call. You might be able to define your style or share photos of what you like and want to try and recreate in your own home.

Don't fall into the trap of vagueness. Make a list of what matters to you, and the kitchen design elements that really float your boat. All this will help us help you better.

Unlike many kitchen retailers, we do not work with a kitchen range. The Traditional one, the Modern one, the High-end one, the Budget one… you know the drill. Are you 100% traditional? 100% modern? 100% high-end or 100% budget? Of course not.

Most of our clients want a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We get it, and that's why we have eliminated the concept of a range. Rather, we offer you a very wide selection of options of just about everything. Across styles, heights, widths, storage options, handles and more, you have the freedom to mix and match exactly as you please.

Personalization is at the core of our offering to you. Honestly, we'd hate you to settle on a kitchen that is a compromise and not the dream outcome. It's for this reason that we get to know you before suggesting any design solutions. We talk, so as to be clear on your priorities, and make sure to follow them through in the design of your kitchen.

Not bothered about built-in appliances but really want to maximize the storage with floor-to-ceiling cupboards? Don't think you need an island but got your eye set on the biggest fridge-freezer out there? We're here to work with your needs, and to propose solutions to your kitchen design dilemmas.

Plan, plan, plan

We just cannot quite emphasize this one enough. They say that you plan to fail if you fail to plan. We agree. Being such a major project, a kitchen renovation can quickly spiral out of control if you aren't sufficiently prepared.

Not budgeting correctly is the most common problem. It doesn't help that often pricing is a bit vague in the kitchen industry. We have a different approach: we want to be as transparent as possible with our customers from the start. That's why the budgeting tool on our website is free for you to use. Budgets are serious business, and we are keen to take the mystery out of it all by being upfront with you.

Another common problem area evolves around the scheduling and timeframes associated with a kitchen renovation project. Don't get caught out: it is better to start too early than too late.

It is best to leave 2-4 weeks for the design phase, as there will inevitably be plenty of back-and-forth between you and the designer. The very first design is rarely the final, so be prepared to go through a couple of iterations.

Once the order goes into production, you can arrange installers and work on any other aspects of your renovation. This might include planning the rest of your scheme: flooring, tiling, painting, lighting and more.

As your delivery date approaches you may also want to get some of the preparatory work under way. Be it moving walls, pipes or electric wiring, you will need to be prepared for potentially disruptive works. Are you staying put or moving out? Are you coordinating contractors or do you have one contact person who cascades appropriately?

The earlier you understand what is required, the better. As much as possible, you will want to avoid surprises once the new kitchen has arrived and the fitters are ready to go. To help you on your way, we have prepared a handy What to Expect guide. And for your fitters, we have a detailed installation pack and accompanying videos, making the installation process a breeze.

The reality is that a kitchen renovation needn't be that difficult. Don't give up at the first hurdle! Getting started is the hardest part. We want you to know that with FORM, you will be supported all along. Dare to imagine your dream kitchen. Our designers are here to work with you on bringing the vision to life. Finally, plan the project out as well as you can (we are here to help) and it won’t feel half as daunting.

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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