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Installation guide

We recommend working with a professional installer and can help you find one if you don’t already have a contractor.

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Getting ready

  • Remove all doors and store in a safe place
  • Remove and store the drawers
  • Insert adjustable legs and click in place
  • Fit spacer brackets to the back of cabinets

Setting up the kitchen

  • Start at the corner and work along the run
  • Level cabinets using the adjustable legs
  • Cut and install corner filler (blind)
  • Secure the cabinets in place

Wall units

  • Fix wall units (smooth wall)
  • Fix wall units (uneven wall / backsplash)
  • Adjust wall units and secure in place
  • Install safety brackets
  • Measure and cut wall cabinet filler
  • Concealed Hanging Bracket

Islands / Peninsula

  • Secure ground anchor for the island
  • Cut and install back panel (flat run)

Toe kicks and ventilation panels

  • Adjust and fit toe kick (main)
  • Adjust and fit toe kick (return)

Final adjustments

  • Choose shelf height and insert pins
  • Reattach doors
  • Reattach drawers
  • Install safety bracket for wide drawers
  • Level cabinet doors
  • Adjust drawer fronts
  • Adjust deep drawers (open sides)
  • Adjust deep drawers (glass sides)
  • Adjust deep drawers (steel sides)

Line N

  • LINE N general installation guide
  • Understand the recessed channel system
  • Prepare for appliances (below channel height)
  • Fit cushioned tape and slide in fixing brackets
  • Add special brackets and fit end caps
  • SecFit the assembled channel in place
  • Insert base unit hinge clips

Line N Special Cases

  • Oven installation between vertical channels

Other useful videos

  • Install push-to-open system
  • Fit door to panel-ready dishwasher
  • Adjust corner unit (lazy susan)
  • Adjust tall pantry pull-out
  • Adjust lift hinge doors
  • Adjust bifold doors
  • Adjust servodrive lift doors
  • Configure servodrive lift doors
  • Flush mounted sink with FORM countertop
  • Flush mounted cooktop with FORM countertop

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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