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The FORM Quality Difference

Award-winning German cabinetry, at a price comparable to big box stores

Where are FORM kitchens made?

Our quest for quality and functionality led us to North Westphalia in Germany, where some of the most revered kitchen-makers in the world have been producing for 3 generations.

We partnered with a family-owned business that has built a reputation for excellence over the last 70 years. They’re now the most popular manufacturer in Germany, producing over 3,500 kitchens per day. And they still obsess over every little detail to create stunning cabinets that last and delight.

Best-in-class functionality

  • Over 3,000 cabinets and hundreds of storage solutions to maximise every inch

  • Award-winning hinges and drawers, smooth soft-close comes standard

  • Our smart organisation systems can reduce cook and clean time by 30%

Best-in-class cabinetry

  • Every material is specially engineered for durability, load, UV ageing, and stain resistance

  • Cabinets are laser-edged and -sealed to ensure precision, durability, and longevity

  • Our drawers and door systems are load tested over 100,000 times

Best-in-class install

  • Our fully assembled product saves the installer as much as 3 days compared to ready-to-assemble cabinets

  • This saves you money, remember to factor in labour costs when comparing prices

  • Every cabinet is hand inspected before leaving the factory to guarantee quality

Built to last a lifetime

  • We stand behind our kitchens with a 25 year manufacturing warranty

  • Constructed with hardwood dowels, high-density furniture board and steel reinforcement bars

  • We know life happens - all our kitchens are easy to clean and have flood protection features