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A Perfect Pairing: FORM Kitchens and Fireclay Tile

Tiles are the kitchen’s cornerstone, bringing both protection and personality to the heart of the home. This collaboration is where FORM's sleek, tailored cabinetry meets Fireclay’s commitment to craftsmanship and conscious production.

Kristen Davis

March 22, 2024

A Perfect Pairing:  FORM Kitchens and Fireclay Tile intro

Exploring Fireclay's range is a journey through a palette of possibilities, where each tile, from subtle earth tones to vivid hues, is brought to life with hand-mixed glaze colors and finishes. The commitment to using high-quality materials ensures longevity, even in high-traffic areas, making Fireclay’s tiles a versatile choice for kitchen backsplashes, floors, and accent walls alike. Our FORM designers are ready to connect you with the Fireclay team, offering a unique opportunity to visualize these tiles in your space with 3D visuals, bridging the gap between imagination and reality with ease and excitement.

An Elegant Natural Press Mosaic

In this space, where Japanese tranquility meets sleek Scandinavian functionality, the Fireclay Mosaic Tile in Manzanita Satin brings a touch of nature indoors with its earthy, satin finish, mossy green. This pre-sheeted mosaic tile is part of Fireclay's budget-friendly Essentials Collection that ships in 5 days or less. We think it’s an exceptional fit for FORM’s handleless cabinets in Havana Oak, creating a partnership that speaks to natural elements and thoughtful design. This kitchen comes alive with the interplay of wood and tile, slim countertops, and considered lighting that accentuates clean lines and gentle curves. The result is a space that's as simple as it is stylish, promising a retreat into quiet elegance.

Image supplied by Fireclay: Natural Press Mosaic Tile in Manzanita Satin 3x3
For a similar cabinetry, try FORM’s Havana Oak reproduction cabinetry.


A Modern Mid-Century Ceramic Tile

In this vibrant Delish Kitchen Studio, a backdrop of Bora Bora tile in a vertical straight stack adds a splash of mid-century pizzazz. The 2x6 Original Ceramic Tile, in its glossy blue-green, reflects the lively spirit of mixology with its watercolor tones and crackled detail. Infused with character and created on a durable, LEED-eligible recycled tile body, it's a statement of style and sustainability. To bring this energetic Mid-Century look to life, try FORM’s Oak Montreal or Sanremo reproduction teamed with a white quartz countertop.

Image supplied by Fireclay: Original Ceramic Tile in Bora Bora  2x6
Designer: Designer Betsy Wentz for Delish Studio Kitchen, NY
For a similar kitchen style, try FORM's Oak Montreal or Sanremo reproduction.


A Hand-Painted One-off Arrangement

Explore your creativity with the Dot Dash tile from Fireclay, a playful hand-painted pattern that lets you create a one-of-a-kind geometric tapestry in your space. Available in three shades - Plein Aire (shown), Lapis, and Charcoal, and as part of the collaborative Block Shop x Fireclay Tile collection, this tile offers the flexibility to design a unique patchwork or opt for pre-configured blocks for a more structured pattern play. We suggest pairing it with FORM’s Oak Montreal handleless cabinets for a look that is calm and distinctly personal. Plus, with each purchase, you support LGBTQ+ artists through Allies in Arts, making design choices that give back.

Image supplied by Fireclay: Hand Painted Dot Dash Tile, 4x4, in Plein Aire
For a similar kitchen style, try FORM's Havana Oak reproduction.


Elegant Glass in Every Shade 

This kitchen's rich and earthy design is accentuated by Fireclay's Roadrunner Matte tile in green-grey, evoking a misty forest morning. This look pairs well with the quartz counter and the dark cabinetry's natural appeal. Coordinating these tiles with FORM’s Walnut Lacquered Laminate cabinetry is a good option—a perfect match to recreate this sophisticated, organic style.

Expanding the color palette, Fireclay’s Glass Tile collection is customization at its finest. Handmade in their Spokane, WA factory, this line boasts an impressive array of 24 colors, offering everything from deep, organic tones to vibrant, energetic hues. The collection is further diversified with 12 different sizes, catering to both intricate mosaic designs and sweeping field tiles, all available in either a glossy or matte finish. This breadth of choice looks to underpin the uniqueness of any project, even beyond the kitchen, to a statement bathroom, laundry, or a poolside that pops with color.

Image supplied by Fireclay: Glass Tile, Roadrunner, Matte, 2x12
Try FORM’s cabinets in Walnut Lacquered Laminate for a similar kitchen style.


Find your Perfect Pairing

Creating a kitchen that's both stunning and practical begins with choosing the right elements. With FORM and Fireclay, you have the tools to make a space truly yours. Dive into FORM’s Inspiration Guide for an expansive selection of kitchen ideas with hundreds of ready-made Element Boards designed to shop the look. Mix, match, and visualize your perfect kitchen with our ready-to-go surface combinations.

We're grateful to Fireclay for their shared passion for exceptional quality and design. Ready to explore? Unleash your creativity with our comprehensive guide and find the cabinetry and tile duo that celebrates your unique style.

Find Fireclay products here:


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