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Cabinetry fronts

We offer over 70 different cabinetry fronts across 12 ranges in shaker and flat-panel designs.


We offer over 100 different handles across a number of types including standard, bar, integrated, and handleless.


Our wide feature set gives you thousands of options to create a kitchen that works for you.


All cabinetry comes with award-winning, top-quality hardware.

Hinge system hardware

Sensys Hinge System

Sensys allows the doors close with just a light movement of your hand—smoothly and silently—at an upwards 35° angle.

Drawer system hardware

Profi+ Drawer System

Profi+ provides a high-quality steel frame, giving it a gorgeous modern and timeless look.

Flap system hardware

Aventos Flap System

Aventos top-quality hardware makes it remarkably easy to open and close wall units with a flick of the wrist.


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Cabinetry units

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