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Creating the perfect home coffee station for any coffee lover

For many of us, coffee is a passion; it’s not just fuel for the day; it’s a beverage that requires a ritual for preparation. Setting up the perfect home coffee station is essential for any coffee lover.

Gabriela Alvarado

September 20, 2023

With the right equipment and ingredients, you can create the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home and create a calm, comfortable, and inspiring space to drink your coffee.

Coffee stations are a great addition to your kitchen if you want a designated special space for your sacred beverage. We took inspiration from some of our client projects to share with you a list of ideas for your at-home coffee station. 

So grab a cup of coffee and continue reading!

What is a coffee station?

A coffee station is a space with cabinetry that is specifically designed to store your coffee supplies, appliances, and cups, with a comfortable surface to prepare your coffee. Usually, these spaces are added to a kitchen with a specific working surface, cabinets, and accessories to store your coffee supplies the right way. We recommend asking your kitchen designer to consider this station so that she can design a designated area that makes sense with your space and has all the commodities you need to have an out of this world coffee experience.

Determine your space

Before diving into aesthetics and accessories, define the area for your coffee station. This will depend on the size and type of space you have. Whether it’s a small corner, a dedicated counter, or even a separate small area from your kitchen, make sure it’s easily accessible and functional.

Your kitchen designer will have the best tips and recommendations to make this your dream coffee station.

Choose the right cabinets

You can choose from a standalone piece or part of your kitchen's built-in cabinetry. The size and type should match your coffee-making needs and the amount of equipment and accessories you have.

Make sure the cabinetry style matches your kitchen, and consider appliances and accessories that will really help you keep everything organized and easy to reach.

Add shelves to show your cup collection

Cups, mugs and coffee machines like a Chemex or French Press have their own aesthetic, and can work as a decoration element. Consider putting shelves in your coffee station to showcase these items and have them at hand. 

Incorporate pull-out shelves

If you are like us, the first and most important thing in the morning is coffee! So, having access to your coffee is crucial to start your morning right. Pull-out shelves are handy for easily accessing coffee machines, grinders, or other heavy items without the need to reach too far.

Use drawer organizers and dividers

In the drawers or on the shelves, utilize dividers to separate different items like coffee pods, tea bags, and other coffee accessories. Baskets or clear bins can hold items like sugar packets, spoons, and napkins, but we highly recommend a nice drawer divider to keep everything out of sight and organized.

Designate a charging spot

Some modern coffee makers or grinders may come with digital features requiring a power source. Make sure with your designer and installer that you have the electrical installation and power outlets at reach where you can discreetly run a multi-outlet power strip to cater to these needs without cords cluttering your countertops.

Under-cabinet lighting

Maybe you are part of the 5 a.m. club or love a late-night cup of coffee, either way, you need the right light. Illuminate your coffee station by adding under-cabinet lights. This not only helps in the early mornings when you're making your brew, but it also adds ambiance and highlights your station.

Keep everyday items at eye level

When arranging items in the cabinet, ensure that your frequently-used items are at eye level or within easy reach. This includes your favorite coffee blend, mugs, and sweeteners.

Consider Ventilation

If your coffee machine generates a lot of steam, ensure that the cabinet area is well-ventilated to prevent moisture buildup. You might want to occasionally leave the cabinet doors open after brewing to let out the steam.

Coffee bean storage

Freshness is paramount for coffee beans. Store them in airtight containers - glass or ceramic canisters are both functional and decorative. For added flair, label them according to roast type origin.

Make room for all your coffee methods

Depending on your coffee preference, consider what machine or devices will best serve your needs. Be it a French press, espresso machine, drip coffee maker, or a pour-over set, the device you choose will set the tone for your coffee.

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you might want to have different machines, so make sure you request enough storage space or shelves to store these machines. We recommend asking your designer for smart cabinetry that will help you keep these organized, safe and out of sight. 

A personal coffee station

Designing a coffee station is like creating your own mini-coffee shop, so have fun with it! Play with textures, colors, and decoration. Remember that smart cabinetry can really make a space functional and comfortable for any specific needs. 

If you are interested in having a coffee station in your new kitchen, don’t forget to request this to your designer, who can help create an amazing space like the ones some of our clients have created.

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