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Designing a Sleek Kitchen Oasis: A Minimalist Renovation Upstate

Matt and Ben live in New York, and were renovating their upstate home that had an overall modern vibe, but a kitchen that felt traditional and firmly rooted in a 1990s aesthetic. They wanted a modern, minimal feel, and a space that could easily be clutter-free and support how they wanted to live in the kitchen.

Michael Quinn

January 17, 2023

Designing a Sleek Kitchen Oasis: A Minimalist Renovation Upstate intro

What was important to you in this renovation?

We wanted a complete change. This place was very 1990s, and we wanted a modern feel. And we wanted it to be very minimal. We don't like clutter. So having spaces where we could hide things away, where we wouldn't have to have things on the counter was super important in the design process.

One of the other things that was important to us was making sure that we could both be in the kitchen at the same time. So having a huge space to chop; to bake; to, you know, really cook together and not be in the way of each other was really important to us. 

We really wanted a functional and intuitive flow and layout. We had family in town recently, and we were baking cookies together. And it was nice for all of us to have our own work stations – rolling out the dough, etc. – without being on top of each other. And then on top of that, to be able to wrap a functional space in really stunning, modern aesthetics was just great.


“We really wanted a functional and intuitive flow and layout.”

What was the FORM design process like?

We were initially very nervous – since it is primarily all online. But it all exceeded expectations and our designer Debora was incredible. We shared inspiration photos, we talked to her, we gave her a sense of what we were looking for, and she really ran with it. 

And we had minimal changes, the whole process was super easy. Everything was tracked in a portal. So we constantly knew when revisions were coming, once we approved everything, we knew when cabinets were being manufactured when they were being shipped. So the whole process was seamless. And it made you feel in control, which I think in today's day and age can be very difficult with, you know, delays and supply chain issues. And so the whole process felt very seamless to me.


“We also love FORM’s willingness to listen. The whole process is built around listening.”

We also love FORM’s willingness to listen. The whole process is built around listening. And they have all these prompts to enable them to hear what it is that you're looking for, I think that’s what makes the end design feel so special to us. It really captures everything we were looking for. It’s pretty amazing. I hope we get to work with FORM again.

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