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6 steps to a smoother, simpler kitchen remodel

Look inside the FORM Project Handbook, a step-by-step guide to a kitchen renovation. Spanning six chapters, it simplifies and streamlines the process, leading you towards a simpler, faster, and more rewarding remodel.

Kristen Davis

January 26, 2024

The FORM Project Handbook is now live.

The world of kitchen design is often tangled in technical details and endless options. The FORM Project Handbook cuts through the noise, offering clear, concise remodel guidance. It's not just about creating a beautiful kitchen; it's about creating a space that works for you, your lifestyle, budget, and style preferences - but without the hassle.

“Less stress and more success.”

The Genesis of the Idea

With over 1,000 successful projects completed, we pin-pointed six factors that consistently lead to smoother projects and happier customers. This was the inspiration for the six chapters in the Handbook, guiding customers to a simpler, faster, and more rewarding remodel.

“What if it could be simpler, faster and more rewarding to remodel your kitchen?”

The Anatomy of the Handbook

It’s a structured workbook. Each chapter takes you a step closer to realizing your kitchen remodel, guiding you towards a great design and effective management and installation of your kitchen remodel.

“Each chapter is a step closer to realizing your kitchen remodel”

Chapter 1: Get Inspired with Our Element Board Collection

We’ve deconstructed over 100 FORM projects into ready-made element boards to simplify your style and material choices. Choose a board, tailor it to your taste, and shop the look.

☑ Pick a ready-made board or create your own.

☑ Coordinate materials with confidence.

☑ See real-world sample references ready to gather quotes.

☑ Use the board as a style guide for everyone on the team.

Pick a board, and shop the look.”

Chapter 2: Decide on your Design and Project Priorities

Prioritizing is key.  Based on 1000’s of customer conversations, this chapter helps you align your vision with practical considerations, and clear communication with your Designer.

☑ Dig into your key motivators for the remodel.

☑ Discuss your biggest frustrations with your current space.

☑ Describe your dream outcome, ready to share with your designer.

Chapter 3:  Work Through the Main Cost Drivers

It’s easy to just think about money, and forget that time and effort can add up too. Our 9-question quiz helps you work out where to spend and save, giving you a solid framework for making quote comparisons. 

☑ Learn which decisions have the greatest impact on your budget.

☑ Decide where you want to save or spend.

☑ Create a budget framework before you start gathering quotes, not afterwards

“Budgeting need not be a puzzle.”

Chapter 4:  Test Drive the Design

This chapter encourages a practical approach to kitchen planning. It's about visual confirmation before final decisions are made. This stage is critical for ensuring that every aspect of your kitchen design meets your needs exactly as you envision. The goal is to finalize your design with confidence, secure in the knowledge that each element has been thoughtfully placed and tested.

☑ Confidently identify any storage or layout updates.

☑ Suggest any improvements for storage or organization.

☑ Get ready to approve your design, knowing it works for you.

“There were some really cool design options, even the ones that we didn't go with, it was exciting and fun to see what we could do with the different storage and drawer alternatives.”

Chapter 5. Stay Ahead with a Project Planner

Project planning is paramount. The Handbook includes a comprehensive planner that keeps you one step ahead, guaranteeing a smooth transition from start to finish.

☑ Follow the checklist for a step-by-step project progression.

☑ Learn what each stage involves and prepare for discussions.

☑ Coordinate all aspects of the kitchen remodel, not just the design.

“We found FORM online and we realized you were able to solve all of the pain points we were facing”

Chapter 6. Understand the Installation Basics

Installation is the final, crucial step and this chapter emphasizes the value of knowing more about the installation process, as this can save significant time and effort when coordinating with contractors.

☑ Know how to prepare for delivery and installation.

☑ Understand the fundamentals of each installation step.

☑ Have access to our installation video.

☑ Be ready to support your installers along the way.

☑ Know how to get hold of FORM’s 1:1 customer support.

A Project Companion

Why is the Project Handbook a great companion? It equips customers with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions—think of it as a designer by your side. It's not about dictating choices but about illuminating a clear way forward. This leads to designs that are not only stunning but also deeply personal and functional.

As Charles Eames once said, "Design is a method of action." We hope this handbook is a pivotal part of customers’ actions.

It’s never too early to get started. Download your FORM Project Handbook here and discover six steps to
a smoother, simpler remodel.

Design is a method of action.

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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