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Art-filled living in a Long Island City kitchen

Dive into Mark and Sarah's remodel journey with FORM Kitchens, transforming an art-filled apartment into a functional, stylish duplex fit for family life.

Kristen Davis

March 1, 2024

Art-filled living in a Long Island City kitchen intro

Purchasing the apartment below and combining it with theirs, they ingeniously added a spiral staircase to connect the two spaces. Yet, this initial remodel, while creative, left them with two distinct footprints that didn't quite mesh, especially as their family expanded. The arrival of their second child brought new challenges. The once adequate space felt increasingly cramped, and the layout now hindered the flow of family life. It became clear that further changes were necessary to create a truly cohesive home.

With FORM Kitchens, they embarked on a project to build a unified living space downstairs, leaving a working studio upstairs to balance family life with their artistic work.

“We felt like we didn't
have room to be a family.”

Fans of Design and Display

The decision to choose FORM Kitchens for this transformation was driven by a blend of aesthetics and practicality. Mark and Sarah were drawn to the European style of FORM’s cabinets and the convenience of a virtual design process. They shared, “We wanted European cabinets that were easy to clean since we have two young kids.” The variety of storage solutions for all rooms, including wardrobes and built-in cabinets, also promised a clutter-free living space suitable for their young family.

The easy-to-clean, fingerprint-resistant finishes were practical solutions that caught their eye, ensuring that the beauty of their home could be effortlessly maintained amidst the chaos of everyday family demands.

It will come as no surprise that Mark and Sarah exhibit their work and sell their craft. They began collaborating in 2008, when Mark first started weaving fabric on which Sarah would paint. This enthusiasm for paint and texture is evident throughout the entire space giving a real sense of individuality and warmth to their home. 

“Just having floating shelves really opened up the kitchen and it shows off our brightly colored dinnerware too.”



Seamless Design and Installation 

Collaboration with FORM was smooth from the start. Mark and Sarah had a clear vision, which was fully embraced by Sara, their online designer. The goal was to create a multifunctional area where kitchen, dining, and living spaces coexist to really maximize storage. They utilized under-stair spaces for hidden drawers, built sleek, vertical storage units in tight corners, and incorporated multi-functional furniture, like benches with lift-up seats for extra storage, ensuring every inch of their home was pulling its weight.

They worked with Sam Simmonds, a contractor who had already installed a number of FORM kitchens. This phase was smooth, with Sam handling the delivery and installation of the cabinets, wardrobes, and custom storage solutions, ensuring a flawless finish to Mark and Sarah's remodel.

“Working with our designer was very easy. She got that we wanted one large space our whole family could use simultaneously.”



A Place for Everything

Today, Mark and Sarah's home is a testament to their creative journey. This transformation has not only enhanced their daily lives but has received glowing reviews from friends and family. 

What do they enjoy most about their FORM kitchen?

The built-in appliances finished in San Remo Oak sit flush with the cabinets, offering a clean look we adore and the Italian stove is a lovely focal point too.“ They are particularly fond of the extra tall slide-out pantry and the double standing wardrobes and drawers under the bench which keep their space clutter-free. “Repeating the grey and oak cabinet colors from the kitchen in the living area makes everything feel cohesive,“ they explain, underlining the seamless integration of their living spaces.

The space now truly reflects their family's needs, combining functionality with personal style, making it a place where memories are made and their artistic careers continue to flourish. 

FORM wishes Mark and Sarah a world of creativity in their beautifully reimagined home.

“Everyone loves it!”


Fish Don't Exist, 2024
Acrylic and Embroidery on Hand-Loomed Linen
27 1/2 x 35 1/2 inches

Images by Mark and Sarah

Sam Simmonds


"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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