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Modern Kitchen Design Revives A Lancaster County Gem

Not every couple meets while ballroom dancing, but for Brett and Maiata, it sparked the perfect partnership. So perfect, in fact, that they are also partners in their own New York architecture and design firm, Marlo and Kroft. Brett brings his expertise in architecture, while Maiata shines in interior design. Read on to find how their two year project injected new life into a beautiful 1880’s home.

Kristen Davis

April 26, 2024

Modern Kitchen Design Revives A Lancaster County Gem intro

A New Chapter

After twelve years in the bustling Big Apple, Brett and Maiata decided to start anew and relocate to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—a return to Maiata’s childhood roots. This move marked a significant shift in both their personal lives and professional careers. Pennsylvania became the backdrop for their latest endeavor: restoring a dilapidated 1880s row house. At the heart of their project was the goal to merge the warmth of historic charm with the sleek functionality of modern design.

I love that we bought this older house to give it a new life

Finding FORM

Brett and Maiata's search for a kitchen design company led them to FORM because it mirrored the innovative spirit of their own firm, Marlo and Kroft. They were particularly impressed by FORM’s flexibility and made-to-order approach. "With an old home, we needed everything to fit just right," Maiata explained. Brett added, "We really wanted to work with a kitchen company that was doing things differently." FORM’s commitment to understanding and adapting to their specific needs confirmed it was the perfect match, offering personalized online design and delivery at a sensible price.

We wanted to work with a kitchen company that was doing things differently


1880s Revival

The centerpiece of Brett and Maiata's project was the restoration of their kitchen. "We started with the concept that we're not just designing spaces, we're designing towards character," Maiata explains, underscoring their commitment to infusing each space with the personality of those who inhabit it. Through meticulous planning and design, they transformed an outdated and closed-off kitchen into a vibrant, open area that now stands as the home's heart. They opted for durable Black supermatt and Walnut reproduction cabinets, complemented with a hard wearing quartzite countertop. Black fixtures and fittings complete this tactile, design-forward yet timeless transformation.

We're not just designing spaces, we're designing towards a well defined character


Detailed Design

Practicality and personality shine through in every design decision made by the couple. "We wanted something light, airy, very textured, and saturated, without being overly bold," Brett explains, emphasizing their meticulous selection of countertop materials and thoughtful waterfall design. The entire kitchen is a testament to their attention to detail—from the drawer organizers and trash system, to the symmetrical waterfall edging on the main countertop and strategically placed coffee station beside a window that floods the space with natural light.

We wanted something light, airy, and very textured


Lancaster Life

Since relocating to Lancaster, Brett and Maiata have quickly become part of the community. Their two-year labor of love drew the curiosity of neighbors, who often stopped by during evening painting sessions to witness the transformation firsthand. With ongoing commercial design work in New York, this dynamic couple has managed to expand their professional portfolio while embracing this new chapter in picturesque Lancaster County.

The team at FORM was delighted to work with Brett and Maiata and wishes them the very best for their future projects, which are sure to be infused with character, precision, and the epitome of modern living.

The personality of our project really was the roadmap for the final design

Images: Maiata and Brett Carlton


Instagram: @marloandkroft


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