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Seamless Kitchen Design Transforms an Oceanfront Home

Discover how Colleen and her husband blend practical design with aesthetic charm to create a stunning FORM kitchen for their Rhode Island project.

Kristen Davis

May 24, 2024

Not every designer can claim a background in both the art world and teaching, but for Colleen, these diverse experiences have shaped her approach to home renovation. Partnering with her contractor husband, she has embarked on transforming kitchens that marry aesthetic beauty with functional design. Read on to learn about Colleen's journey and her collaboration with FORM kitchens on her most recent project.

A Passion for Design

Colleen's career path is as varied as it is inspiring. With a background in city planning, fashion, and art gallery management, she eventually found her true calling in teaching. However, her passion for design never waned. "I’ve always loved rehabbing homes," she shares. This passion, combined with her husband's contracting skills, has led them to work on various home renovation projects. Their latest venture includes this kitchen that perfectly encapsulates their design philosophy—clean, minimalist and highly functional.

I’ve always loved rehabbing homes.”

Finding FORM

While searching for the ideal kitchen design company, Colleen discovered FORM kitchens. "I spent countless hours deep in the world of design," she explains. FORM’s innovative online approach and flexible design options caught her eye, particularly given the constraints of working within older homes with smaller kitchens. "We needed everything to fit just right," Colleen notes, emphasizing the importance of absolute precision and maximizing space in their projects. She highlights the value of FORM's inserts and organizational systems to squeeze every inch out of her client’s space. These features ensure that even the smallest spaces are functional and efficient without compromising on style. Just take a look at the cupboard she turned into a bar!

“Maximizing every inch was essential.”

Cabinetry for the Whole Home 

The couple's coastal project aimed to blend clean lines with a coastal feel. "We wanted the whole home to capture the oceanfront essence," she explains. The result was a stunning transformation using FORM’s hard-wearing Oak Montreal cabinetry throughout the home to create a breezy, cohesive palette, reflecting the serene environment of the shoreline. The black accents bring an urban edge to the design, with the inevitable functionality of European design choices. 

“We wanted the space to capture the mood of the oceanfront.”

A Smooth Installation 

Colleen's husband, who has extensive experience with various cabinetry systems, found the installation process with FORM kitchens to be seamless and efficient. "Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition," she recounts. The detailed planning and organization of FORM's delivery process ensured that all components were accounted for, with no missing or damaged parts.

"We included many inserts and custom features, so we were initially concerned about the complexity," Colleen explains. However, FORM's comprehensive instructions and customer support made the process straightforward. "Sina, our designer, was incredibly helpful, guiding us through any unique aspects of the European cabinetry system," she adds.

The precise fit and high-quality craftsmanship of FORM's cabinets were immediately evident. "My husband, who's worked with many different products over the years, was impressed by the durability and design of FORM's cabinets," Colleen notes. 

“Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition.”

For the Love of Design

Beyond their renovation projects, Colleen and her husband are deeply integrated into their community. "We love highlighting our projects and sharing our work," she says. The positive feedback from neighbors and clients alike has been overwhelming, further solidifying their reputation for high-quality design and workmanship.  Colleen and her husband continue to expand their portfolio and have recently installed a second FORM Kitchen in a country project. "I can’t wait to use FORM in our future projects, including our own home," Colleen enthuses.

Their story is a testament to the power of their passion and great partnership. FORM wishes them both all the best for their future projects in this stunning part of the world. Thank you for sharing your transformation with the team. 

“I can’t wait to use FORM in our future projects.”

Images: Colleen Roche
Instagram: colleenroche93

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