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A Perfect Match: Stuga's New Waterproof Hardened Wood Floors and FORM Kitchens

Discover Stuga's new waterproof, dent-proof, scratch-proof Hardened Wood Flooring in our latest blog - a stellar match for our high-performance kitchens

Kristen Davis

March 14, 2024

Engineered to be 3 to 5 times stronger than traditional flooring, Stuga’s new Hardened Wood range is designed to withstand the challenge of pets, heavy furniture, and climate variations without sacrificing style. Beyond its toughness, this flooring is waterproof, maintaining its pristine appearance despite spills and moisture. With sustainability at its core, it utilizes wood more efficiently and is certified for its minimal impact on indoor air quality, making it an ideal choice for those valuing aesthetics, durability, and environmental responsibility.

Waterproof, Dent-proof, Scratch-proof

Along with cabinets and counters, flooring serves as a foundational element for any kitchen remodel. Stuga's latest editions — Giddy Up, Cartwheel, and High Five — offer distinct aesthetics and performance to match any home's requirements. Giddy Up shines with its blonde oak, ideal for those who love a light, airy feel. High Five stands out with its rich, natural oak, perfect for a luxurious scheme. Cartwheel, in earthy gray, offers versatility and pairs well with a range of styles too. Each of these hardened wood floors boasts durability at a cellular level, because they are uniquely constructed and finished with a commercial-grade coat. As Stuga’s toughest performers,  these floors represent practicality and sustainable design, providing options for a customized style that stands up incredibly well over time.

Getting to Know Giddy Up

In this FORM kitchen, Giddy Up sets the stage with the blonde oak blending seamlessly with our Sand Ultra Matt cabinetry. The light tones bring warmth to the kitchen's modern vibe, and the durable, low-maintenance finish means your kitchen will stay looking sharp for years.

Perfect for those seeking the natural wood vibe, the scratch-resistant, UV-cured finish makes maintenance a breeze, ensuring that the floors remain an understated backdrop to any bustling activity. It really is a floor that's built to last, keeping up with every spill and thrill, without losing its charm.

FORM Cabinetry: Sand Ultra Matt Lacquered Laminate
Try Stuga flooring: Giddy Up

Hands Up for High-Five

High Five distinguishes itself with its luxurious, warmer tones, setting it apart from Giddy Up's lighter blonde hues and Cartwheel's earthy shade. Its rich texture caters to those who appreciate wood's timeless appeal and need a floor that can keep up with life's everyday challenges. Like the other waterproof options, its hard-wearing surface is fortified with a scratch-resistant, UV-cured finish, simplifying upkeep and preserving the floor's elegant look amidst the constant pace of household activities.

In the sleek environment of a FORM kitchen, High Five's soft oak tones integrate flawlessly with an array of cabinetry, from crisp whites to mid range woods and deep graphites, rich greens and deep blues. It warms up the modern ambiance without overpowering it, and the enduring finish ensures the space remains as vibrant and welcoming as the day it’s first completed.

FORM Cabinetry: Oak Montreal Lacquered Laminate
Try Stuga flooring: High Five

Calling on Cartwheel

Cartwheel is the epitome of versatility in Stuga's range. Its earthy gray tones offer a softer, yet equally sophisticated alternative to the lighter, brighter Giddy Up and the richer High Five hues. No surprises - this color is particularly adaptable, effortlessly fitting into a multitude of design schemes from modern to transitional styles.

This kitchen illustrates how well Cartwheel works in a minimalist setting, with sleek lines and handleless cabinetry. The robust, low-maintenance finish of this floor means it too is a practical choice but also a smart one for a kitchen designed to be lived in and loved for years to come.

Image supplied by Stuga Flooring: Cartwheel
Try FORM’s Havana Oak Reproduction and Graphite Black Ultra Matt for a similar kitchen style.

Get your Project Started

The foundation of a beautiful, functional home starts from the ground up. With Stuga's latest Waterproof Hardened Wood floors you're equipped to make a statement on both durability and design. Visit Stuga to order flooring samples from their Hardened wood range. You can also download FORM's Inspiration Guide, filled with 100's of ready-made element boards combining Stuga's wider range with our kitchens. Get inspired and shop the look!

To wrap up, we'd like to extend a special thanks to Stuga for consistently inspiring us with their dedication to quality and design innovation. Ready to get started? Step into our world of exceptional Stuga flooring and high-performance FORM kitchens and download our free Inspiration Guide filled with 100’s of kitchen design and flooring combinations.

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