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Vision meets Precision in this DC Kitchen

Design-led from the start, this DC couple merged their architectural vision with FORM Kitchens design, to create a high-impact, monochrome kitchen.

Kristen Davis

February 23, 2024

Don and Nhu bring a global perspective to their home in the capital. Don's early years were spent in vibrant cities like Brussels, Singapore, Jakarta, and Tokyo, where his appreciation for modern architecture and design was cemented. As their children grew, the pair seized a moment for change and gut-renovated their new home, making the kitchen the centerpiece of the remodel. The result? A bold, sleek kitchen with natural wood accents, delivering a calm back-drop for daily life. 

Finding FORM

The couple’s search for the perfect kitchen was both thorough and thoughtful. They looked into cabinet makers from the U.S. and Germany and were excited when they found FORM online. What really caught their attention was FORM’s elegant, European designs without the hefty price tag. For them, FORM hit the sweet spot: great design, great quality, at a price that made sense. 

“We liked the FORM aesthetic and understanding it was a German product in the US market meant it was the best of both worlds.”

Metropolitan and Meticulous

Don and Nhu knew exactly what they wanted, so it was no surprise this couple arrived at FORM with their layout completely buttoned-down. Their dream? An urban feel on the outside and exacting functionality on the inside. Don expands on their attention to detail: “We’ve been designing our dream kitchen for two decades, so we were very much prepared to be hands-on and make all the decisions upfront."

What did they opt for? Embracing the dramatic impact of an all-black kitchen, they selected FORM’s Graphite, Ultra Matt cabinets topped with black quartz countertops. To anchor the space they chose a contrasting white quartz countertop for their sociable central island. The beautiful white oak floor softens the scheme bringing a crisp, northern European vibe to this open plan space.

“We’ve been designing our dream kitchen for 20 years.”

Don and Nhu’s kitchen combination:

- Cabinetry - FORM’s Graphite Black Ultramatt
- Counters in quartz

Practically Perfect

FORM always puts functionality at the heart of every design, and Don and Nhu had done their homework, hand-picking every storage item and feature they wanted in their new space. 

What was on their FORM list?   

○ A large Island with deep drawers as the central feature for food prep and social gatherings
○ Specialized pull-out storage for spices, baking sheets and cookware
○ Customizable shelving in cabinets for flexible storage solutions
○ Under-Cabinet lighting for enhanced functionality while cooking
○ Cabinet doors and drawers with soft-close hinges

“We are stunned by how much storage capacity we now have.”

A No-Regrets Remodel

This family’s remodel was a resounding success. They achieved their ultimate kitchen well under budget, thanks to their thoughtful planning and a close working relationship with Debora, their FORM Designer.  

Installation management was also a combined effort, with Don working alongside their contractor and with FORM's Customer Success team on hand for guidance at every turn. 

The couple are "super happy" with the outcome, firmly stating they'd choose FORM again - "if we had to do it all over again, we would pick FORM five out of five times."

Thank you Don and Nhu, we couldn't ask for a better endorsement. Here's to many years of joy and inspiration in your beautifully designed space.

If we had to do it all over again, we would pick FORM five out of five times.

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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