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We use only award winning hardware

Our high-standards apply to every aspect of FORM and hardware is no exception.

Sensys Hinge System

Representing the newest generation in hinge technology, Sensys provides high-quality, smooth and noiseless hinge systems.


Award winning design

Each hinge has elegant lines with perfectly coordinated edges, exemplifying our commitment to functional brilliance.

Silent cushion-close mechanism

With a light touch, our Sensys hinges will always close smoothly and maintain a deep self-closing angle of 35º, regardless of cabinet size or door weight.

Best in class quality control

Each hinge undergoes stringent testing which equates to approximately 15 times the amount of opening and closing performed in a typical day in a typical kitchen.

A seamless fit for sleek results

The innovative design of each hinge, with its adjustable height and depth, ensures flawless alignment for every cabinet, giving that premium level of visual streamlining.

Effortless motion every time

The unique Prism Principle means our drawers open and close with an exceptionally smooth running action.


Strong, smooth and stable

With a load capacity of 30kg across all widths and depths, our unique Prism Principle provides lateral stability and and even load distribution.


Glass or steel side panel upgrades

Every drawer comes with a double-coated silver finish, with side rods as standard - glass or steel sided drawers are available as an upgrade.


Easy assembly and alignment

Everything simply clicks into place with our tool-less drawer assembly. The drawers are also easy to deconstruct for deep cleaning.


Aventos Flap System

The Aventos flap system brings increased functionality and ergonomics to our wall and tall unit ranges. Even the largest cabinet door flaps open with ease while closing gently and quietly.


The Flap Door

The outward opening flap is best suited to high use, medium or small cabinets. The 107 opening angle ensures it opens fully, even with limited overhead clearance.

The Swivel Door

Designed to save space and maintain a seamless profile on taller cabinets. The standard soft-close technology can be upgraded to the automatic Servo-drive for added convenience.

The Folding Door

And thanks to the split front, very little vertical height is required when opening.

The Lifting Door

Ideal for an appliance station in a tall bank of units, or to store frequently used items or conceal a microwave.

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