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How FORM Works


Free consultation

20-30 mins video call

  • Schedule a time and send us a few photos of your space. A quick conversation with an expert can save you a lot of time and hassle.

  • Ballpark estimate, based on your layout, dimensions and style.

  • Project timeline, broken down by design time, manufacturing and shipping.


Initial Design $299*

* Redeemable on any purchase.

2x 1 hour video consultations

photorealistic visuals, samples, exact pricing

  • Work 1-1 with an experienced designer to bring your dream kitchen to life.

  • Photorealistic visuals, you will know it when you see it.

  • 3 full size front samples shipped to your door, feel the quality difference.

  • Exact cabinetry pricing - right down to individual drawer inserts.

  • Don't have a contractor yet? We can help you find one.



Project Deposit $1999*

* Redeemable on any purchase.

Designer support throughout project

Unlimited Design Revisions

Architect-grade plans

  • For those doing their kitchens with us, we can also offer cabinetry for other parts of the home (utility rooms, living rooms, closets, bathrooms etc.)

  • We don't limit the number of design revisions, simply click and comment to request changes.

  • Architect grade plans, better plans mean less confusion.

  • We work with your contractor to double check all plans and measurements before ordering.


Balance sends your kitchen to production

Quality cabinetry shipped direct

  • Award-winning German Cabinetry, save 20-40% vs other European brands.

  • 25 year manufacturing warranty, a kitchen designed for life.

  • Priority support, your installer can ask us questions directly.

  • Free US shipping.

Typical Timeline

FORM Design Process





6-10 WEEKS

Common Questions