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Experience our cabinetry.
See what’s possible with your kitchen.

Our studio spaces are great for seeing the physical product and digging into your project.

By Appointment on Weekdays 10–5 pm
Open Hours W & TH 12–2 pm

45 Main St. STE 403. Brooklyn, NY. 112017
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Not your Typical Showroom

Our smaller-footprint spaces have a curated selection of cabinetry, fronts, and hardware, so we can continue to save you the 20-40% showroom markup.

Our expert consultants are there to handle any questions about the product and process, and we have guests come through regularly, like FORM clients, designers, and architects, to help inform and empower you in the process.

kitchen design

Hours and Events

You can book a private consultation Monday through Friday, these 30-minute appointments are great for digging into your project.

If you’re still in the exploratory phase, we highly recommend checking out our open hours on Wednesday and Thursdays, from 12 to 2 local time.

kitchen design

Current Upcoming Events

Virtual Q&A about FORM with Our Studio Managers

Ask our studio managers anything you'd like about the FORM experience and our cabinetry. Just sign up for the free Zoom webinar and bring your questions.

Webinar date: August 11th 4:30 pm est

Past Events

Our New York studio manager hosted a live Q&A with one of our former clients to answer any questions you might have about our cabinetry and our design process.

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Get to Know Rachel, our Expert Consultant

“My background is in fashion, events, and psychology. I love getting to know people and understanding what’s important to them when it comes to self-expression through design.”

What’s your favorite FORM feature?

“In my dream kitchen, I would really like to have our countertop flap doors. They’re these integrated storage units that beautifully hide clutter and provide sleek access to important kitchen tools.”

Why do you love design?

“I love design for the same reason I love fashion: it’s a way of expression that’s unique to you. You can show who you are or your personality in these really specific ways. Clothes, art, cabinetry, it’s all an expression of you.”

kitchen design

Come visit us at our
New York studio space

By Appointment on Weekdays 10–5 pm
Open Hours W & TH 12–2 pm

45 Main St. STE 403. Brooklyn, NY. 112017

Not near a location?

That's alright! Our personalized online experience means you still get all the benefits: one-on-one attention with our design team, full-sized samples shipped to you.

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"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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