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How much does FORM’s kitchen cabinetry cost?

Unsurprisingly, this is the first question many customers ask. Our cabinetry starts at $15,000, with most customers spending in the range of $25-$35,000 for a medium-sized kitchen with good functionality. This guide showcases our kitchen cabinetry across four price levels, helping you understand what’s achievable with FORM.

Kristen Davis

May 31, 2024

How much does FORM’s kitchen cabinetry cost? intro

The next question we often hear is, ‘What impacts my cabinetry price the most?’ Setting aside kitchen size, the choice of cabinets and the amount of organizational features play the biggest roles. For instance, our sleek flat-front cabinets are more budget-friendly than our Shaker ranges. Conversely, our tall pull-out larder with glass-sided steel drawers will cost more than a standard tall cabinet with shelves. 

Finding the right price is all about navigating through various customization options. Our designers are skilled at this, guiding you to the ideal cabinet and functionality combo for the budget you have in mind. Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at some cabinetry cost examples, one ‘pricing decade’ at a time.

The Mid Teens

This New York project is a perfect example of what's achievable with a cabinetry budget of around $15,000. Compact yet beautifully architectural, this is a no compromise, highly functional space with hidden appliances, large pull-out drawers, tall larder cupboards, and a central island that anchors all the daily activities. It’s sleek too. The flat-fronted cabinets in our Black Concrete reproduction create a stunning visual impact, especially when teamed with black handles and a full wrap on the island and backsplash.

If this figure feels like a good starting point for you, just remember to factor in the additional costs for counters, decorating, appliances, lighting, faucets and installation. That’s quite a list, so if you want to build a budget for all of these items, download our Project Handbook, which has a great chapter on ballpark prices for a complete project.

FORM Cabinetry $15,000


The Late Twenties

If you're looking to take our trademark concealed functionality up a notch, this recent project is a great example of what can be achieved with a budget of $28,000. Our streamlined handle-less range with integrated channel lighting really sets the scene, and there’s some exciting stuff under the hood too. On the main wall, a hidden fridge, tall pantry, and open shelves stand to attention as a single, super functional hub. Opposite, we have a smooth run of steel-sided drawers and pull-out cabinets, offering another layer of tucked-away storage—all filled with our most popular organizational inserts, including a trash separator.

All in all, there’s a lot of engineering on the inside to make the space work for you on the outside. But you’ll still need to factor in other elements like counters and appliances into your final budget. For a head start, check out Eva’s budget case study in our Project Handbook. You’ll see the total spend on her kitchen remodel, starting with $28,000 on her FORM cabinets.

FORM Cabinetry $28,000


The Mid Thirties

If you’ve got a bigger space or want to double-down on some extra functionality, take a look at this $35,000 example with elegant handle-less cabinets and ample storage. Its central island boosts the storage and flow of this space, but a larger footprint typically boosts the bottom line too. Looking for a smart way to save rather than splurge? Hidden appliances can add significantly to the total, so by opting for a free-standing fridge and dishwasher, this project releases the budget to invest in both ergonomics and organization.

Standout FORM features include lift-up doors on the wall cabinets, two tall larders, plenty of deep drawers filled with internal drawers, concealed spice racks, cutlery trays, and our famous trash separator discreetly stored in an elegant pull-out cabinet. This FORM Kitchen demonstrates how thoughtful design and strategic choices can really make the most of the functionality and the budget.

FORM Cabinetry $35,000


The Mid Forties

For our final price ‘decade,’ let’s take a look at this compact powerhouse of a kitchen in our handle-less Matte Black cabinets paired with accents in Bergamo Oak Reproduction. Priced at $44,000, this space is packed with incredible full-height storage. Why is it pricier than some larger FORM kitchens?  One significant reason is the storage to the ceiling. It creates such an elegant European finish, but it does inevitably increase the outlay with a third row of cabinets.

In fact every inch has been maximized in this space  with the four-seater island concealing a dishwasher, and deep drawers with all the necessary cutlery trays and pull-outs for top-level organization. It also has beautiful tall cabinets hosting the separate fridge and oven stacks, which creates  creating storage pillars either side of the main prep zones.

FORM Cabinetry $44,000


Deciding on a decade

If you’re looking for more pricing inspiration, check out our Inspiration Guide, which features over 100 projects with a cabinetry price for each. We always say that every project starts with a conversation, so if you’d rather talk to someone, book a call with us and see if we have the right decade for your project. 

Images: FORM Kitchens projects and product options
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