We’ve designed a series of kitchens to showcase our range and design process. We hope you enjoy the tour!


Unfussy lines, neat handleless cabinets, and plenty of space to work. This is a look that's easy on the eye, easy to clean, and easy to live with.


Cozy, comfortable, and classic; this is a look that has that traditional family feel but is cleverly complemented by plenty of modern details.


Rustic, but still refined, this is a kitchen that’s warm and welcoming without ever feeling cluttered or overdressed. Natural wood and earth tones meet unique cabinet colors, traditional handles, and stylish modern touches.


Dark elegance, glass accents, and light work surfaces keep this kitchen feeling luxurious but not overbearing. A unique mix of finishes adds interest and create contrast between cabinets, appliances, and fixtures.


Soft colors, invisible handles, and natural oak accents. This is a look that builds a delicate balance between warmth and minimalism.


Extremely subtle industrial styling balanced by a unique mix of colors and finishes. A space for more than just cooking— this is a place for entertaining and living a bold life.

Modern Classic

Traditional kitchen front supported by contemporary appliances and classic accent furniture. Modern Classic is defined by subtle textures, a calm monotone color palette, and natural wood highlights.


A unique mixture of textures and prints, colors and finishes; Eclectic is a fun, exciting kitchen for anyone who’s not afraid to take a risk with their design. Clean, muted cabinets and natural wood set the stage for a patterned backsplash and floor tile.