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Get a grip: A guide to cabinetry handles at FORM Kitchens

Today, we're diving into our three handle choices—Handle-less, Integrated Handles, and Standard Handles. We’ll explore how they fit with our front styles and finishes to give you a sense of what you can achieve. Let’s get started.

Kristen Davis

June 14, 2024

Look, No Handles

The most popular choice at FORM Kitchens, and a bit of a house specialty, is the handle-less design. This style is all about clean lines and an uncluttered look. The recessed channel, cleverly carved into the top of the cabinet, lets you open doors and drawers with incredible ease and maintains that uninterrupted experience - not catching your clothing as you walk past. It's the design equivalent of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee—simple, smooth, and utterly satisfying.

But it’s not just about function; it’s also about style. These recessed channels come in a variety of colors, from subtle shades that match your cabinets to bold statement-making metallics. Whether you prefer classic stainless steel or a contrast, FORM has options to suit your taste. And let's not forget the coolest feature: recessed channel lighting. Remote-controlled light and intensity, adds a beautiful, adjustable ambient glow in the evening, turning your kitchen into a space that’s both inviting and functional.

For our towering kitchen cabinets, we also offer vertical channels in stainless steel. They’re a stylish and functional way to bring dynamic vertical lines into your space

Integrated and elevated

Next up, we have the integrated handle, which is probably our second most popular choice. This design is a bit different from the handle-less style, featuring hardware that arrives already fitted to the cabinets. No extra drilling. These handles run along the entire top of the cabinet front, offering a minimalist yet distinctive look. They scale beautifully with the unit size, working just as well on a smaller drawer as it does on a wider cabinet.

This handle style comes in a variety of shapes, including straight-edged and tapered pieces, and offers a range of neutral tones. Whether you prefer a subtle match or a bold contrast, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The integrated handle combines the best of both worlds, marrying clean lines with discreet visual elegance.

Standard is stellar

Finally, we have the standard handles, an excellent way to set your space apart. These are your classic pulls, available in a vast array of tones, colors, and sizes. With three full drawers of options in our Selection Center, or you can explore the range on the website to find exactly the style you’re looking for. They’re directly drilled into the front of the cabinets, making them a staple in both transitional and modern designs. Plus if you choose standard handles, they will be attached to your FORM cabinetry at the factory. Your contractor will thank you.

What about Shaker?

Now, let’s talk about compatibility. Most of our kitchen fronts are flat surfaces, making them the perfect canvas for any of our handle options. Handle-less? Check. Integrated handles? Absolutely. Standard handles? Yes. The only exception is our Shaker style, which pairs exclusively with our standard handles and pulls. There’s a vast range, so you won’t feel short-changed, and our Shaker cabinets also arrive at your door with the handles attached ready for use.

So to round it all up, for those who love clean lines, minimalist design, and German engineering, we offer everything from sleek handle-less designs to versatile integrated and classic standard handles. Want to take a closer look? Explore our range online or book a visit to one of our Selection Centers in Denver, San Francisco, or New York City to discover all the important finer details that make your kitchen a one-off design.

Images: FORM Kitchens projects and product options
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