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Modern Kitchen Design in a Stunning Maine Retreat

Explore how Nedim and his family built their modern Maine retreat with a FORM kitchen sitting at the heart of their stylish new space.

Kristen Davis

July 5, 2024

A modern kitchen with Fjord Blue cabinets and Ivory appliances designed by FORM Kitchens. There is a central island with hidden outlets and a pantry nearby in this spacious layout.

Creating a Stylish Sanctuary
in Kennebunkport

Nestled in the picturesque locale of Kennebunkport, Maine, Nedim’s family retreat is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail and his passion for creating a space that serves as both a family haven and a getaway for work. As a Technical Development Lead, Nedim is no stranger to precision and innovation. Read on to hear how this newly built vacation home reflects his hands-on approach and desire for a place where people can gather and make lasting memories. 

The Kitchen Transformation
with FORM

This was a labor of love with every detail meticulously planned alongside an architect. As the house grew, so did the family’s taste, evolving into a sleek, modern style. The kitchen, the final piece of the puzzle, needed to match this contemporary vision. Enter FORM. “The experience was exceptional. The design, materials, and craftsmanship were exactly as you described, and the timelines were perfectly adhered to. You delivered on every promise.” What followed was a smooth, seamless online collaboration that turned their modern vision into a New England reality.

The timelines were
perfectly adhered to

Modern kitchen with Fjord Blue and Ivory cabinets, featuring recessed handles and paneled appliances, designed by FORM Kitchens. The spacious layout includes a central island with hidden outlets and a nearby pantry.

A Functional
and Stylish Layout

“We wanted big, deep drawers,” Nedim says, setting the tone for a kitchen that's all about sleek, modern lines. With Fjord Blue and Ivory cabinets, recessed handles, and paneled appliances, this kitchen nails the contemporary look. “I love the handle-less design”, he adds. The spacious layout, complete with an adjacent pantry and bar area, perfectly combines style and function at every turn. “Your cabinetry system provided all that functionality,” he noted, proving you don’t need a fully custom kitchen to get a high-end space. The result? A kitchen that's as sharp as it is smart.

I love the
handle-less design

Modern kitchen featuring a coffered ceiling with recessed lighting, an extensive marble backsplash, and sleek, handle-less cabinetry in Fjord Blue and Ivory. The central island doubles as a workspace and dining area, complemented by contemporary bar stools.

Designing with
FORM's System

The standout feature of the family kitchen is undoubtedly the island. It doubles as an office during the day, with hidden outlets for laptops and other devices, and transforms into a buffet or gathering spot for family and friends. “The kitchen is the center of the house for us. It brings a sense of organization and happiness,” Nedim shares. The family's contractors were happy too. Initially unfamiliar with FORM's type of cabinetry, they found the process straightforward thanks to the one-to-one communication and support from the FORM team. “The contractors had a great experience talking with your team. They were impressed with how well you were engaged and did not just hand over the installation manual,” Nedim noted. "You don’t need a fully customized product to achieve high-end results," he adds.

You don’t need a fully 
customized product to 
achieve high-end results

This FORM kitchen seamlessly connects to dining and entertaining areas, featuring a dedicated beverage section with a sink, fridge, and additional cooking and storage space. The rich wooden floors complement the ceiling recess, and crisp white walls wrap the space in a contemporary aesthetic, enhancing the open flow and functionality for gatherings.

Beyond the Kitchen:
Elegant Storage

Beyond the kitchen, the home is filled with cleverly designed spaces that make daily life feel like a luxury. The pantry isn’t just about storage—it’s a marvel of organization and design that’s a joy to step into. For Nedim, these spaces aren’t just functional; they’re a reflection of his vision for a home that seamlessly blends style and utility. "We did not use an interior decorator. I would gain inspiration from YouTube channels and other websites and come to a consensus with my family. We did receive a ton of support and guidance from our project manager Crystal and our color consultant Thérèse, who ensured a harmonious color scheme. He adds, “We started making the interior of the house more and more modern, and then the FORM kitchen was the final piece."

“It brings a sense
of organization
and happiness”

Well-organized pantry featuring sleek, dark shelving filled with various food items and supplies. The back wall showcases a striking marble backsplash and a countertop workspace, illuminated by recessed lighting. Rich wooden floors add warmth and contrast to the modern design, providing ample storage and functionality.

Building a Home
for the Future

When Nedim embarked on designing the family's Maine retreat, it went beyond creating a simple summer escape. "Basically, we decided we would build a home for our future—it's both a future home and a vacation summer home," Nedim summarizes. Modernity was essential; the family sought a seriously stylish space that seamlessly transitioned from high-performance to maximum sociability. The results speak volumes. Nedim and his family adore their new haven, a testament to their vision. The team at FORM would like to express their gratitude to Nedim and wish him and his family many cherished moments in their incredible Maine home.

“We built a home
for our future”

Images: Nedim Emil Altaras

Elegant dining and entertaining space featuring a large wooden dining table surrounded by sleek gray chairs. The beverage area includes FORM's Fjord Blue cabinetry with a built-in coffee machine, a mini-fridge, and a sink, all set against a stylish backsplash. The space is illuminated by a modern light fixture and large windows that provide natural light. The open layout connects seamlessly to the living area, enhancing the flow for entertaining

"We believe that good design improves people's lives. We focus on personalization, performance, and peace of mind."

Co-founders Danny and Tom

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman

FORM Co-Founders

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