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Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. If there’s something you want to know which isn’t here, please send an email to!




What is the payment schedule?

What is the perfect-fit guarantee?

What does the 25-Year Manufacturing Warranty cover?

How does the Guaranteed Delivery Date work?

How long does it take?

Is shipping included?

Does FORM offer financing?

Where are FORM Kitchens made?

When is the right time to get started?

Design process

How are FORM visuals different?

How does it work if I already have a designer / architect

Can I get help with measurements?


Can I see the product in person?

Do you offer cabinetry for other rooms?


How can FORM Kitchens offer better value?

Does FORM offer financing?


Is shipping included?

How long does shipping take?


Can I install the kitchen myself?


Can you help me find a vetted contractor?

Can you work with my contractor?


What is the order confirmation process? How long does this take?

When is it arriving?

How does delivery work?

Will everything arrive at once?

How does scheduling work? Will they call before?

Can I change the delivery address?

How will we know it’s all here? (Once your order arrives)

Will they bring it inside?

Proper way to store?

We can’t take it, do you offer storage?

If we need to change appliances, what do we do?

Can I change the order?

What happens if my order is delayed?

What to do if things arrive damaged?

How do we get help if we have installation issues?

If I am missing an item, what do I do?

How long does it take to get a replacement on site?

What if I need to speak with someone right away?

What if there is a discrepancy between the visuals and the plans?

If I have a problem, can you come on site?

How can I purchase additional items?

What if something get damaged by the installer?

What happens if there is a problem with the delivery?

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