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High-quality cabinets, streamlined design process, exceptional customer service, and stunning results.

Customer Experience

I genuinely love FORM

Fortress Architecture Green


Couldn’t be happier with the cabinets; they are excellent.



My favorite thing was the level of professional design. I had an actual designer and not just someone telling me what I wanted to hear.


Final Results

If you are looking for a well designed, organized, and high quality kitchen we would absolutely recommend FORM Kitchens!


Thousands of successful designs, average rating of 4.6 across Houzz, Google, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp.

52 reviews

André Coelho


My partner and I had an amazing experience working with FORM Kitchens. From start to finish, the whole process was thoughtful, professional, exceeding expectations. They were responsive, detail-oriented, understood exactly what we were looking for, and provided meaningful inputs to push our project to the next level.

We were also super impressed with the quality of the materials. Before finding out about FORM Kitchens, we got quite a few quotes from other companies: all of them significantly above our budget — especially considering we had a small project to be developed. FORM gave us exactly what we needed at an affordable price, delivering high-end quality materials. We were also happy to know there’s a pop-up section of their products at Harrington Galleries in Valencia St. (San Francisco), which made the process of choosing materials so much easier. But the whole online experience through the app was also great: clear information, easy-to-follow instructions about the next steps in the design process and production. Basically impeccable.

Being able to work directly with a designer was also crucial. And customer service provided us with everything we needed, on time. The professionalism of everyone in the company is remarkable.

At the end of our project, we couldn’t be happier with the result.
And of course, we highly recommend FORM Kitchens!!

Ali Knapp


Danny and team went above and beyond to ensure a quality experience and timely communication. Our kitchen was delayed due to shipping/logistics issues but during this period the Form team did everything possible to get the kitchen in our hands as fast as they could. Everything that was in their control - they did. I look forward to posting photos when our kitchen is installed!



I’ve done three kitchen remodels now on some of my own homes. It’s the one thing we always want most, and routinely the most complicated and most expensive. I’m a mechanical engineer by profession, but I’m not an interior designer nor am I a kitchen industry pro so I don’t have access to much more than pictures on social media. That was until we found FORM Kitchens. I came with ideas and our designer worked with us every step of every direction we tried to take it. I had no real timeline so I’m happy to say they stuck with us for months during the design process. Because I was GC and installer I was able to co-design a beautiful minimalist kitchen with all of the latest style and accouterments at 1/10th the price of just local design services AND we got all the cabinets! Once we locked and paid we were given a pretty accurate delivery date. I tore down the old kitchen and prepped the newly minted space for our FORM upgrade. They arrived in good time and great shape. No damage to any noticeable areas and that’s shipped from Germany!

I put everything together myself. It was certainly challenging given that it’s a remodel and not new construction, but the preassembled and thoroughly labeled cabinets made for a confident install. FORM has installation videos and lots of documentation that is getting even better as they scale up. They made sure to deliver a bunch of extra parts and hardware, plus some I didn’t end up needing. Gap fillers came in plethora as well just in case something broke during shipping and that meant I have replacements and extra if I want edits in the future.
I am so incredibly happy with my FORM kitchen. The entire process was brilliant. Their catalogue is remarkable and makes the decision hard because it’s all so beautiful and high quality. (I went to IKEA to compare and FORM quality is far better for a comparable price, thus it easily outstrips any competition.) The design service is probably the most incredible feature they offer, and their customer service is remarkable. They still take the time to write back immediately when I have questions or suggestions (remember… engineer).
A couple points:
1. Make sure you have an experienced contractor or a lot of skill before taking on a remodel. Kitchens aren’t simple. There’s always a lot to consider that you don’t initially realize. Measure and remeasure. Plan and plan again. Make sure you communicate clearly with your designer. Do this and you’ll have no trouble when your cabinets arrive.
2. Your kitchen can and should be more than a statement piece. It’s a beautiful tool that helps you live well in an efficient manner. FORM can help you think thru how to design your kitchen to optimize your space for your lifestyle. Make sure you note your preferences and be prepared for each design call. They’re best when you bring your best.
Ok now for pictures. If you read all the way to the end, congratulations, you’re the type to get the most out of your remodel! Best of luck!

Michael Poon


The communication here is key. Form was so responsive which really put us at ease when considering the investment we were about to make. The peace of mind we got from their level of professionalism and attention throughout the process was unmatched. Form had thought of everything – we felt supported from beginning to end. I’d done a lot of thinking and dreaming about what I wanted our kitchen to be like, but putting that on paper, turning it into a reality – that was tough. Being able to work with a designer was crucial for us. That’s something that’s not usually in the budget to begin with, but we found it was priceless.

Add to that the fact that Form was able to help us find an excellent general contractor who was in the right place on the cost/quality spectrum, and you can’t beat them. You hear those horror stories about general contractors who walk away with tens of thousands of dollars, or half baked projects, and it was quite literally keeping me up at night. The fact that Form did the legwork to find a suitable contractor made the process so much simpler. We wanted our kitchen to be that space that ties everything else in the house together. We’ve all reached that level of adulthood where we get a bit excited when we can custom-tailor our spaces to our needs, or level up on kitchen appliances. Our new kitchen has been a great addition to that conversation – it’s become the hub of our household, exactly the way we wanted it to!

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