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The Artis Range offers an exceptional glass appearance with ... More details

front design}
front design
front design
front design


The Artis Range offers an exceptional glass appearance with ... More details

front finish Glass appearance titanio

Glass appearance titanio

front finish Glass appearance alpine white

Glass appearance alpine white

The Artis Range offers an exceptional glass appearance with a slightly metallic shimmer. It's the best backdrop for the exclusive fronts in an exciting look that is only emphasized by its edge geometry.



  • High-quality acrylic
  • Surface is easy to clean
  • Real glass appearance
  • Upper price structure
Price Group
The Artis Range is in price group 10.
All cabinetry and hardware is covered by our lifetime 25-year manufacturing warranty.

Key features


We test all our cabinetry through its entire service life, backed by a 25-year manufacturing warranty.


We take extra steps to make sure all the wood in our cabinetry is sourced from the right sources.


All of our cabinetry comes with award winning hinges, drawer systems and flap units.


We provide over 70 options for most cabinetry so you can find the right combination.

Choose to go handle-less

Our Line N provide smooth, sleek fronts that leaves a tidy, linear impression while still being intuitive to use. Learn more in our full-catalog.

Line N Cabinetry

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